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Emulsifying Bath Melts

Emulsifying Bath Melts

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Just slip one of these melts into a warm or hot bath and as it slowly melts, you will enjoy the fragrance and moisturization it gives. After you shave your legs just pick up the bath melt and rub it on them.  It feels amazing and your legs will look great.   I can't explain it but it doesn't leave you feeling greasy like traditional  bath melts either.  This is a different bath melt than others.  It's an emulsifying bath melt!

If you're not a bath person no worries you can use it in the shower too!  Just wash up first then rub the bath melt where ever  you think you need it.  Legs and arms are a good place to start.  

Do not use soap after using the bath melt as this will wash off all the benefits of the it.

Our bath melts completely disolve in water and do not leave a slippery oily residue on your bath tub.  These melts complete blend with the water and evenly coat your skin leaving you soft and smelling so nice.

For a limited time our emulsifying bath melts come in a lovely painted glass dish that will add decor to any bathroom.